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supporting adults
with disabilities
since 1976.


Thirty-one-year-old Justin is a mean cook. Like he makes pies from scratch. Grills steak and cooks lobster. In fact, he whips up all types of gourmet cuisine in his very own, very immaculate, Fayetteville apartment—that is, when he’s not working hard at the Fayetteville Town Center (FTC), a premier NWA event venue located on the Fayetteville square. Justin’s worked at FTC for seven years, taking Razorback Transit to and from work and (we hear) “doing an awesome job there.”

Given all these indicators, you can probably tell that Justin is crushing bachelor life. Mom Debbie concurs, explaining that Justin “has lived more independently than we ever thought he would be able to. And not only is he living independently but he’s happy—he works, he provides for himself, he has friends, and he has the life every young man wants to have.”

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Achieving potential

through independence

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Achieving potential

through enrichment

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Achieving potential

through employment

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Making a difference in the lives of others,

and in the soul of our community.

This place is a great blessing to me. I love being at Life Styles. I also love making new friends and doing art and learning things.

- Allison, client

The staff at Life Styles treat my brother with respect, while teaching him skills and giving him the support that helps him lead an independent and full life.

- Katrina, sister of client

One of the most amazing organizations I have ever seen. It has been nothing but the most beautiful experience for my daughter.

- Cindy, parent of client

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